Simply Free Lighting

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The Latest Innovation in Day Lightingkid_with_solatube

Solartube is a unique skylight system that focuses free outside sunlight into your home.

A dome lens captures natural sunlight and redirects it through a low-angle tube into the house.

The lens is designed to accept low angle sunlight and reject the overpowering midday sun. The highly reflective tube collects natural sunlight and directs it to a diffuser lens at the end of the tube.

The diffuser lens can direct how much and precisely where you want the sunlight to shine in your home. Depending on your particular installation, Solatube can light up anywhere from 200 to 500 square feet. Best of all, Solatube is durable and virtually maintenance-free.







Installation is fairly simple. Most Do-It-Yourselfers can complete the installation in just one day. There isn't any structural reframing, tunneling, dry walling or painting required. Features that can be added to the Solatube include an electric light add-on kit to provide the convenience of a switched light for night. A ventilation add-on kit is a 2-in-1 ceiling fan and light to help minimize ceiling penetration. The Solatube is a bright idea for every room of your home and a great investment for your money.

Grant Road Lumber's experts will supply everything you need to install a Solatube on your own. Otherwise they will refer you to a professional like Handyman Connection to do the job for you.

Stop by at 2543 E. Grant Road and be sure to ask for the My Local Home Show discount where you can Buy Like A Pro – at or near contractor pricing.