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Clean Lines, Neutral Colors, Sophisticated Outcome

Contemporary Fashion is the Forefront of Design

contemporary_image_june_newsletterSome may view contemporary design as a cold or uncomfortable environment, but California Design Center is here to show you different. A sleek sophisticated design can only add to your home décor. It is the materials, application, and organization of your furnishings that creates your desired environment.

The photo accompanied with this article demonstrates a simplistic contemporary approach to a living room setting. This vignette consists of one of the newest editions to California Design Center's contemporary merchandise; a conversation sofa that is sure to impress. It is comprised of clean lines, neutral colors, and simplistic elements that allow it to adapt to any décor.

The chair viewed offers a unique variation to a traditional occasional chair. The strategically design wooden frame adds an intriguing geometric aspect. This attractive chair gives you a fashionable contemporary appearance while maintaining a comfortable and relaxing environment.

A contemporary design within your home can only add to the creativity and sophistication that your home brings to the table. Allow the talented staff of Interior Designers at California Design Center help you create a contemporary living space that suites your needs.

What's Your Style?


Confused and overwhelmed by all the design choices available today? Determining your decorating style can be a good first step in developing a cohesive plan for furnishing a room or an entire house.

Are you Eclectic, Classical Traditional, Contemporary or Casual? Discover your design personality by taking a simple survey complimentary of California Design Center/Studio C.

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March_fabricsMaybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the signs of economic recovery. Or maybe it’s just time for light, bright colors to accent our lives.  Whatever the reason, color trends in home decorating this spring seem to emphasize feel-good colors that can enhance moods as well as brighten our surroundings.

As you dig into your spring cleaning, look for new ways to use old objects – repaint, recover or resituate. If you want to spruce up a room that hasn’t been changed for a while, look at adding a vase, lampshade or sofa pillows, or painting a door -- in turquoise, coral or citrus yellow.

These colors will make you smile and signal a season of rebirth in your home.

Says interior designer Debbie Sitzmann at California Design Center, “We’re getting away from Tuscan and Old World colors and desert colors this year. People still like Southwest and Mexican design, but we’re seeing more contemporary colors with clean lines.”

Upholstery, window treatments, even furniture pieces can carry these uplifting colors.

There are various shades of turquoise, so play with several paint or fabric samples to see which one gives the desired effect – a sunny beach vibe, a sassy eye-popping wall, a sense of cool relaxation. Turquoise mixes well with many other colors, from white or neutrals to bright reds and golds. Use the ocean hues of turquoise to repaint an old table or mirror frame, or in new decorator pieces or accent walls.

Another happy color designed to celebrate the recovering economy is coral – which is great paired with turquoise and other blues or earth tones, especially in wood pieces. It refreshes a room and adds warmth and coziness.  

Coral works well in any room, in tropical prints, or as an accent. It’s very much at home in Southwestern décor – deep coral with strong turquoise and red, or a softer shade with sand and yellows and pinks for a sunset feel or a more feminine flavor


Southern Arizona’s sun itself and its abundant citrus suggest another shade that many people find energizing and happy – citrus yellow.  Mix it with green or blue to bring nature into your living room.  Or use it in whatever way spreads sunshine in your home!

White is another room brightener that refreshes for spring. Combine white with other invigorating spring shades to open up a room and infuse light.

Whatever their effects on you, this spring’s decorating colors will help lighten your home and your life.

California Design Center is located in Steam Pump Village at 11085 N. Oracle Road. They’re open seven days a week and by appointment; call (520) 742-3737 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (520) 742-3737      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.  Their designers are always available to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Design Tips & Ideas

Paisley Perfection

March_fabricsOne of the talented Interior Designers at California Design Center/Studio C Interiors, Debbie Sitzmann, has demonstrated the sophistication that fabrics and finishes can bring to the table.  Something as simplistic as variations in tones and textures will allow your space to transform dramatically.  “Turquoise and coral are very hot this year,” says Debbie.

Debbie_SitzmanThe fabrics used are Cush, Dentelle Provincial, Maten Coral, Barkley Asher, Anson Red, Basketa Ruby, and Brussels Myrtle.  These were paired nicely with Winter Skies, Arles Studio, and Tuscan Red woods.  By incorporating several shades and tones, Debbie was able to create a stylish, updated, and fresh design that is ready for the spring season.

If you are interested in learning more about this design, or customizing a look for your home, feel free to contact Debbie or one of the other five talented Interior Designers that California Design Center/Studio C Interiors has on staff.  Visit their showroom at 11085 N. Oracle Rd. Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm, and Sundays 12pm to 4pm, or give them a call at (520) 742-3737.  They believe that they are in business to make your dream home a reality.

Brighten Up Your Home For Spring


Tips and Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

The new Spring Season is here!  As we embark on this new time of year, you are all invited to take the initiative and spruce up your home.  It is a great time of year to shift and update your décor.  Don’t just put away those holiday decorations…take this time to change your look!

Here are some tips to help you brighten your home:pillow_image-72dpi

  1. In with the NEW, out with the OLD—Spring Cleaning is a great opportunity to get rid of those items and pieces that are not what you are envisioning for your home.  The right accessories can transform an ordinary space into a unique environment that all will envy.  Consider the use of glass décor this season.  Use objects such as bowls, vases, and pots to create an open environment with a touch of sophisticated color.
  2. Brighten your day—the spring season greets us with color!  Utilize light and airy colors to help you create a sense of fresh, open, and inviting space.  This will not only make your home appear larger, it will make you feel like you have jumped into the new year with a kick.  You can do so by simply replacing your sofa pillows, or perhaps changing your bedding to something with pattern, color, and style.
  3. So soft you can dream—allow yourself to dream of the cool spring nights that are upon us.  Consider replacing your winter blankets with light and fluffy throws.  Toss them across the back of the sofa or the foot of the bed, sit back and watch as the color, texture, and pattern enhance your space.
  4. Revitalize yourself—have you ever looked at a wall and thought there should be more?  Allow yourself to visualize the new color trends, and spruce up your home with paint.  Paint is an easy an inexpensive way to change the look of your entire space.  And if you don’t like the outcome, don’t worry…you can paint right over it!
  5. Reflect on the possibilities—have you considered the image that mirror hanging in your living or dining room is reflecting?  A mirror is an easy and effective decorating tool, but many do not think of the image that is looking back at them.  Take the time to exploit the natural elements that surround us to your advantage.  It will make your space feel open and enhance the amount of natural light that cascades into your home.

California Design Center/ Studio C Interiors is beginning to receive new spring trends and styles.  With a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, let their Interior Designers help you design your home with spring in mind.  They have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve some of the tips above.  Feel free to call (520) 742-3737 anytime to ask questions, or to set up an appointment with an Interior Designer.  Visit to get to know them as a company.  Be sure to ask for the My Local Home Show discount for additional savings.

For more information about paint, check out the full paint department at Grant Road Lumber. Their friendly staff will help you pick out the right colors and type of paint that you will need for your home. Give them a call at (520) 795-4160 or check out their booth today!