by The Solar Store

With the latest freezing weather, many Tucsonans experienced the problems of frozen pipes bursting and leaking in and around their homes. This led to many expensive repairs and even the replacing of household items damaged by water in the home. Now is the perfect time to upgrade. With the sun as our most abundant energy source in Arizona and numerous solar energy tax credits, a solar water heater is a wise investment. Installing a solar water heater system is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to use solar energy in the home.

There are 2 types of solar heaters: passive and active. Passive solar water heaters have a water container on the roof that preheats the water prior to entering the water heater in house. Active solar water heaters are a little more complex. On the roof there is a collector with an 80-gallon solar water heater tank. Glycol, a fluid that transports heat, is exchanged through the solar collector, which then passes through an internal heat exchanger in the 80-gallon tank.

There is the option of tankless water heater systems that work with solar thermal energy as well. These systems save energy and space by only heating the water as needed, and they are compact enough to be mounted to almost any wall. They are environmental friendly by maximizing output while maintaining low emissions. There are many other solar energy systems that help save energy and money such as solar water pumping, solar pool heating and radiant floor heating systems that help meet any sustainable energy need.

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