Rising Energy Costs Are A Call To Action.

by The Solar Store 

The price of gasoline has again climbed past $3 a gallon here in Tucson. It's projected to continue to climb and to stay high for who really knows how long. Take a step towards your energy independence to create piece of mind and to save money. Learn about your choices and consult experts who can help you plan and act.

One option is to create your own electricity. Here's a quick summary on photovoltaic (PV) systems from The Solar Store here in Tucson.

PV Systems

There are three basic types of photovoltaic systems: Stand-alone; Hybrid; and Line-tie, also known as Grid-tie. Here is a breakdown of all three:

by The Solar Store

With the latest freezing weather, many Tucsonans experienced the problems of frozen pipes bursting and leaking in and around their homes. This led to many expensive repairs and even the replacing of household items damaged by water in the home. Now is the perfect time to upgrade. With the sun as our most abundant energy source in Arizona and numerous solar energy tax credits, a solar water heater is a wise investment. Installing a solar water heater system is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to use solar energy in the home.