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State Of The Art Filtration

The filtration media used in the H2O Concepts systems is a three part "mixed media" which includes Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF), Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), and Quartz.

KDF is a patented metal alloy media designed for the removal of inorganic contaminants. This technology improves the effective life and performance of activated carbon. A highly pure alloy of copper and zinc, KDF creates an electrochemical oxidation-reduction process that science calls redox. KDF has been certified and listed under ANSI/NSF Standards 42 (removal of heavy metals) and 61 (bacteria static) for drinking system components.

GAC is the industry standard for chemical removal. Technically, the chemicals removed by the GAC are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These VOC’s include chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, trihalomethanes, MTBE and most solvents.

A quartz bed is used to assure to assure a high water flow rate through the system. Quartz is used instead of sand because sand can get “gummy” and coagulate, restricting the water flow and allowing the water an easier path to channel through the media.

In conclusion, with Smart Water's filtration process nothing has been spared to bring you clean, clear, odor-free, great tasting water throughout your entire house.

About Us and Our System

Smart Water Treatment Systems is a family owned and operated business located in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.. The company was founded and the distributorship opened in 2003 and has been steadily growing since. Smart Water Treatment Systems is the exclusive distributor of the H2O Concepts line of treatment systems for residential and commercial use in southern Arizona.

Through the use of modern technology the H2O Concepts systems remove the water’s ability to scale by performing a physical, rather than a chemical change to your water. By using high frequency, low voltage impulses to change calcium bicarbonate (scale) to calcium carbonate, our system provides a dual benefit. The physical change diminishes the ability of the water to scale while leaving the calcium mineral in the water for your body to absorb. Our system provides you with healthier water that does not require the high maintenance or water waste of an ionic transfer (salt or potassium) system. The water then passes through our three stage filtration process to provide the consumer with better than bottle quality water at every faucet in the home. H2O Concept residential systems are currently available in three sizes: the 1044, 1054 and 1252. Each individual system provides you with a smart solution resulting in Clearly Better Water!

H2O Concepts residential unit

Because the H2O Concepts systems do a physical change to the water rather than a chemical change there is no routine or periodic maintenance for the consumer, meaning NO filter changes and NO salt or potassium replenishment. Additionally, with no salt usage there is no brine discharge. Due to their adverse effect on the environment brine discharge systems must have special draining disposal, are known to pollute the ground water supply, and are moving toward being banned by state and local governments. Smart Water Treatment Systems offers you the best alternative to these traditional conditioning systems through a great line of H2O Concepts products for all your water treatment needs.

H2O Concepts commercial units

Smart Water offers a variety of commercial units, which are also part of the H2O Concepts line. Pictured are the H2O Concepts 1465 commercial unit (top left), the M5 scale buster (lower left) and the WT-40 system.

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