Old Pueblo Custom Painting

2150 E WINSETT ST, Tucson, AZ, 85719
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Old Pueblo Custom Painting

About us:

For an excellent residential painter, check out Old Pueblo Custom Painting. They love the variety and personality that comes to life with residential projects. Old Pueblo Custom Painting is owned by Lou Peralta and has been working in Tucson for the last 19 years. Old Pueblo will also work on commercial sites, but they will always add decorative style to all of their projects.

Word of Advice:

His advice is to not underestimate paint, it can make a big difference in a home and is a great way to bring out personality and style.  They can also help remove and remodel old painted wall to make your life easier. Give them a call today at (520) 792 – 9828 to see what Old Pueblo can do for you!

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