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About US

Welcome to the ProCleaners Booth in My Local Home Show. We are a commercial and residential green cleaning service. Green cleaning is simply defined as cleaning to protect health while minimizing negative effects on the environment. A green cleaning program based on the Green Seal™ Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services (G2-42) will ensure the required compliance for LEED Certification for a facility in the categories of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Green Housekeeping. Green Cleaning is about examining a facility's entire process of cleaning, identifying the systems that can be improved, developing a green cleaning plan and the procedures to implement the plan, executing the plan, and ultimately measuring the results. An adequately designed and implemented plan will have significant impact on the cleanliness of a facility, the health of its occupants, and return on investment.

Natural Products

ProCleaners only uses natural cleaning products that are safe to the environment and/or products that have been certified by Green Seal™. To learn more about Green Seal™, go to Our natural cleaning products include baking soda, white vinegar, salt, borax and lemon juice. Additionally, much of our equipment is made of 100% recycled materials or bamboo, and we never use aerosol products. Finally, and most importantly, we employ several methods to reduce waste and increase cleaning efficiency such as utilizing energy efficient washing machines to clean our cleaning towels and installing chemical management devices on our cleaning products to ensure accurate product dilution.

Beyond Green Cleaning

ProCleaners is not only green in our cleaning techniques, but we go one step further by employing green business practices in virtually every aspect of our business. From electronic invoicing and electronic customer feedback surveys to recycling and conservation efforts, we are fully committed to doing our part as a green company. Contact us today for a free quote and let us design and implement a green cleaning plan for your home or business. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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