Water Tec of Tucson

4601 South 3rd Avenue, Tucson, AZ, 85714
(520) 790-1512
Contact name
Leigh & Jennifer DeGrave
About Water-Tec's History

Water Tec of Tucson has been a family owned and operated business in Tucson, Arizona since 1967.
For over 40 years, we have provided exceptional service locally to thousands of residential and commercial customers.

In 1986, we saw the opportunity to expand to markets in other countries.  Mexico provided an excellent opportunity for exporting water filtration equipment and supplies.  The number of dealers buying from Water Tec grew.

In 2003, Water Tec expanded in the U.S.A into Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona.  We began distributing through appliance channels to luxury home builders, and now currently provide residential and commercial services in and around Las Vegas/Phoenix areas.

Our network of dealers in Mexico has continued to grow.  These dealers sell to various end-users and other small dealerships, such as companies in the pharmaceutical, bottled water, and beverage industries.  These end-users are now able to buy their systems and supplies from a reliable and reputable company that has a recognizable presence throughout the entire country of Mexico.

Products for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Use:
Bottled Water Systems, Brine Tanks, Carbons, Chemical Pumps and Systems, Chlorinators, Chlorine, Deionizers, Drinking Water Systems, Faucets, Feeders, Filters, Filter Media, Filter Systems, Flow Controls, Garnet, Gauges, Greensand, Housings, Iron Removal, Lamps, Liquid Level Control, Manganese Removal, Membrane Cleaning, Membrane Housings, Meters, Monitors, Pool Products, Potassiums, Pressure Tanks, Pumps, R.O. Equipment and Components, Resins, Salt, Sand and Gravel, Softener Components and Accessories, Sterilizers, Tank Components,   TDS Indicators, Testing Equipment and Kits, Ultraviolet Systems and Components, Valves, Water Conditioners, Water Softeners, and Whole House Systems

Pentair, GE Osmonics, Clack, Filmtec, Koch, Hanna,  Myron L and distributing through appliance channels to luxury home builders mostly in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.