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GeneScape Landscaping


GeneScape Landscaping knows that quality landscaping is important in adding beauty, style and value to home or business. Just like your interior design your landscape design reflects you and your style. It can create a comfortable and relaxing space that you can enjoy for years to come. We offer several different professional services to help meet your landscaping needs. We provide quality landscape installation and landscape maintenance services, as well as several services for residential and commercial property owners in Tucson, Arizona. We even have special landscaping packages for Tucson's winter visitors.

Monthly Maintenance Services -


GeneScape Landscaping offers professional landscape maintenance services to Tucson property owners at an affordable rate. We know that without proper maintenance your property can become more of a hassle then a place of beauty and comfort. If you are in need of general clean up services or improvements to your landscaping, let us help you keep your landscaping a thing beauty. 

Weed and Tree Control Services -


Controlling a property's weeds, trees and erosion is important to any property owner. Proper maintenance and control of weeds, trees and erosion will help keep your property safe and add to its beauty and economic value. See how GeneScape Landscaping can help you Control your Landscape. 

 Irrigation and Lighting Services -



GeneScape Landscaping can help keep your Tucson Home Owners yard looking beautiful and maintained. We are able to help you with any installation that is required for your landscaping. If it is adding special lighting and accents to your landscape design or adding Barbeques and decking, or installing an irrigation system and developing an automatic watering schedule, we can help you see your landscaping vision a reality.

Summertime too HOT? We've got you covered. 


GeneScaping Landscaping has a special service for those that only visit in the winter. Now you can in the cooler weather assured your landscaping is being taken care of in the hot summer months. Check out our services for Tucson's Winter Visitors who need Yard Maintenance while away during the year.

Renovating? We can help!



If you are in need of renovating your current landscape or proper installation of a custom landscape, GeneScape Landscaping can help you. From installing your plants to irrigation and lighting systems we will work with you to plan and build a landscaped environment that works with your style and budget.